Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inflammatory Talk and the American Dream, 1st Amendment Rights and Free Speech

Inflammatory Talk is an internet radio podcast brought to you by your friends, Mr. Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer. Together, this team of crusaders has set out to inform listening audiences worldwide about their first amendment rights and freedom of speech. Today's world is filled with politically correct thought Nazi's who will shut down your creative processes if we allow it to happen. We want you to speak your mind. You need more Inflammatory Talk in your life because it is about truth. Mr. Midnight Movie does not attack people who are seeking truth. He is building a team of people who want to defend our right to speak our mind! Mr. Midnight Movie is about living the American Dream! Even if your parents failed in their mission to achieve the American Dream that should not be a roadblock for you to get what you feel you deserve. That means living in a world without White Guilt, and recognizing that people of ANY race can be racist, so stop fronting, be part of history. Listen to Inflammatory Talk any time, either live, or via download on iTunes.
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